DO KONCE KVĚTNA DOPRAVA ZDARMA10.05.2016   DO KONCE KVĚTNA DOPRAVA ZDARMA - Proč platit peníze navíc? Právě dnes můžete ušetřit..
NEWS FOR SPRING 2016!!!11.03.2016   NEWS FOR SPRING 2016!!! - New year = new color! The green color - ideal for Spring..
DODÁNÍ DO VÁNOC13.12.2015   DODÁNÍ DO VÁNOC - Vážení zákazníci, abychom Vám mohli dodat Adjustační ponožky do Vánoc, učiňte své objednávky co nejdříve..
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NOVINKA! 29.09.2015   NOVINKA! - Adjustační ponožky Grey nově i ve velikosti L (43+). V našem eshopu za zaváděcí cenu 443 Kč.
Enjoying summer?15.07.2015   Enjoying summer? - Even in hot summer the Foot Alignment Socks are the best solution for your tired feet.
Holiday 12.03.2015   Holiday - Due to holiday from 13.-22.3 all orders will be shipped on Monday 23.3. Thank you for understanding. Team Pro-nozky.cz
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Svatovalentýnská nabídka08.02.2015   Svatovalentýnská nabídka - Oslavte Sv. Valentýna s námi.. Adjustační ponožky multicolor nyní s 15% slevou. Akce platí do 14.2.
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Do you suffer from foot pain? 

Try FOOT ALIGNMENT SOCKS and your feet will be happy!

Your feet could be tired from many reasons:
  • daily walking

  • standing, running
  • poor footwear
  • walking in high heels
  • poor posture
  • hard day at work
  • jogging

  • standing, running
  • foot defects
  • others
Foot Alignment Socks are designed to separate, stretch and align your toes to minimize the harmful effects of daily foot stress due to improper, narrow and confining footwear. Daily walking, standing, running, jogging or other activities impose tremendous demand on our feet. There is very little attention or maintenance given to our feet. Usually we just put up with foot pain because there is really nothing wrong with our feet that would require a doctor’s care.

It’s a lot easier to keep your feet healthy, than to get them healthy.

Foot Alignment socks are used as a therapeutic tool for:

  • bunnions

  • hammertoes
  • crooked fingers
  • frequent finger cramps
  • tired feet
  • swollen feet
  • corns
  • foot pain relief
  • and others foot defects

My-Happy Feet socks are a perfect present to anyone for any occasion. For anyone who cares about the look, feel, and health of their feet.

Foot Alignment Socks are for people of all ages, because there are plenty of people who are on their feet all day long with their feet cramped in their shoes. It’s important to compensate for this daily foot stress.

Design and patent USA.

Our socks now come in all your favorite colors!

We are the official main importer of Foot Alignment Socks for Europe.

Become our distributor! For more information please
contact us: info(a)pro-nozky.cz

Original U.S. patent 7784115B1.

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